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Make Sure Your State Of Hawaii Return Was Filed On-Time

I have seen several instances of taxpayers with their federal return filed on time, but their Hawaii return not filed. The explanation is that the taxpayer thought the return preparer e-filed both returns…but the return preparer had only e-filed the federal return.  The original Hawaii return was in the “Client Records” packet. 

Return preparer and CPA colleagues have told me that, for individuals, 5-15% of all Hawaii income tax returns cannot be e-filed, because something needs to be attached that cannot be e-filed. 

I believe this sort of “miscommunication” scenario between a return preparer and taxpayer would warrant penalty relief from the State despite late filing not being a productive area for penalty abatement in most cases.   The State might not be sympathetic several years from now, as taxes returns either result in a tax owed or a refund, and a follow-up from a taxpayer might be anticipated.

The best course of action now (May 2013) is to verify your 2012 Hawaii return was filed.