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Honolulu Is Among the Lowest Daily Travel Tax Destinations, Global Business Travel Association

While Hawaii may be an expensive business travel destination, Hawaii’s taxes on travel appear to be a mitigating factor.  The Global Business Travel Association Foundation has released its annual rankings of 50 top travel destinations based on daily taxes on things such as hotel stays, restaurants, and car rentals.  Chicago taxes travelers the most at $40.31 per day while Honolulu taxes travelers a mere $24.38 per day.  The lowest tax city for travelers is Fort Lauderdale at $22.21 per day.

In Honolulu the taxes on travelers are primarily the 4% general excise tax on most purchases including at restaurants plus the 1/2% Honolulu County Surcharge, the 9.25% transient accommodations tax on hotel stays, and $3 per day surcharge on car rentals (down from $7.50 per day prior to June 30, 2012).  Tobacco, Liquor, and Fuel taxes could also add to the total visitor tax burden.

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New Tax LLM Rankings by Corporate Tax Department Heads, in conjunction with has released their annual ranking of tax LLM programs by surveying corporate tax department heads.  This seems a far better methodology than the US News and World Report tax LLM rankings which rely on peer rankings by other tax LLM program faculty.

1. NYU (61.2% of respondents voted for this school in the top 5 for hiring  candidates)

2. Georgetown (52.6%)

3. Northwestern (19.7%)

4. Florida (17.8%)

5. Boston University (17.1%)

Although the top programs are of no surprise.  The data is surprising.  The conclusion is that the top programs for hiring are NYU and Georgetown.  While Florida is #2 in the US News Rankings, it does not seem to provide the same cache for hiring managers as NYU and Georgetown.  Could Florida’s relatively smaller class size be a factor?

TaxTatalent’s rankings of masters in tax (MST) programs can be found by clicking here.

Chambers USA Awards: Hawaii Commercial and Tax Law

Chambers USA has released their 2012 rankings of the top law firms and attorneys which places each notable firm and attorney into Band 1 and Band 2.  It also designates a star individual for each practice area.  I have copied the tax lawyer rankings and the corporate/commercial law firm rankings.  The complete rankings for all practice areas can be found by clicking here.


* Full disclosure, I am an associate with Chun, Kerr, Dodd, Beaman, and Wong LLLP.